With over 50 years of experience, a sense of urgency and a vast understanding of languages, factory’s production processes and the differences between the Western and Chinese culture and customs, P2P can help you feel secure that your China manufacturing project will be on time and right the first time.

  • Prevent our clients from having to start from scratch sourcing their products in China
  • Look to our network of reliable suppliers who have a proven track record of performance
  • Set and enforce expectations for always operating within Western style ethics, business principles and practices
  • Locate and vet alternative suppliers using our connections
  • Collaborate with client’s legal counsel to effectively manage any intellectual property issues or risks in Asia
  • Quick and efficient project start and ability to progress rapidly through pre-production phase without long interruptions
  • Provide timely, earnest and honest communication throughout the process
  • Provide service with high sense of urgency and attention to detail
  • Be on the ground in China working with the factory to immediately identify, troubleshoot and quickly resolve issues that arise
  • Allow you the ability to focus on all the other things you need to do to launch your project successfully


    • Provide engineering support to finalize product design for manufacturability
    • Supply necessary additional engineering support throughout project lifecycle
    • Coordinate component sourcing for cost-effective equivalents, and for long lead-time and hard-to-find items
    • Ensure timely evaluation of prototypes and first article samples, providing clear actionable feedback for client and factory staff to drive process efficiency
    • Manage getting necessary tooling produced in timely manner
    • Audit creation of any necessary production jigs and fixtures, or equipping of new production cells to ensure production readiness and ability to scale
    • Oversee creation of necessary test and measurement solutions to form solid basis of quality control
    • Provide on-site quality assurance for materials and finished goods
    • Find efficient and dependable sources for eco-friendly product packaging
    • Provide final assembly, kitting or co-pack support as needed
    • Help coordinate selection of most efficient and cost-effective air or ocean freight solutions for shipping finished goods


  • Businesses that have a product currently being manufactured that are looking to reduce costs, shorten delivery times and/or improve quality.
  • Manufacturers who make products in high volume that require multi-step processes which need to move their WIP in and out of their own factory to create the finished good. Who are looking to reduce their product costs or to free some of their own internal bandwidth to support new business or their more profitable high-mix low-volume production.
  • Businesses with an existing prototype who seek help to finalize the design so it can be mass produced by a cost-effective, quality-oriented Asian manufacturer.
  • Clients who already have a business plan, but still need to have their prototypes produced, tooling cut and products taken to mass production.
  • Participants in entrepreneurial incubators, crowdfunding endeavors or who are venture-backed but need help getting started with Asian-sourcing, prototyping and production.Businesses who are already outsourcing in China who are experiencing challenges with ethics, communication, quality assurance, pricing and/or on-time delivery.



Why Pick P2P as your partner for sourcing custom produced products in Asia?

With over 50 years of combined sourcing and manufacturing experience, we have developed a deep understanding of Asian language and culture and have built a network of proven supply partners. This all began with us sourcing products in Asia in the 1990s, and eventually led to us setting up and running our own electronics factory in Southern China. Over a period of five years we scaled that factory to employ over 650 associates who lived and worked on-site in our campus environment.
As a result, we understand the intricacies of what it takes to effectively operate a factory here. From recruiting and managing the staff, to the technical challenges of producing quality products in a cost-effective and time efficient manner, to managing local business and legal practices. Through our experiences leading our own factory team, and working with an array of Asian factory partners,  we have observed and effectively managed the differences between the Western and Chinese business cultures and customs.
P2P can be trusted to help you feel secure that your China manufacturing project will be on time and right the first time.